Apr 30, 2012

春コートアンサンブル / Spring Coat Ensemble


Hello there! How's the weather up there? It's been very warm here, kinda hot in the daytime. Which means I will no longer have a chance to wear this coat and ended up waiting for next autumn. Oh well, it's okay, I made the flare skirt dress too. But I'm not happy with it. Do you see the slight wrinkles at the princess seams? This is a chemical stretch fabric and it stretches quite a lot. I think one side must have stretched when stitching because they weren't there when I fitted on. Besides all that, I shouldn't have picked this fabric for this seamed wear. 
My mom's who has decades of career in this field and often says that learning never ends at any age. Yes, that is so true.

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Apr 21, 2012

I got this! ~ One Cool Thing, One Strange Thing Swap~

"One Cool Thing, One Strange Thing Swap"とは”いい物、おかしな物の取り替えっこ”という意味でThe Perfect Noseというブログ(海外)のTjさんが企画したもので届いた物で作って発表するものです。面白そうなので私も参加しました。そして今日ポストを見ると届いてました!誰から何が送られてくるか知らされていないのでワクワクしながら包みを開けると・・・、何てラッキーなの!インドシルクがたっぷり。何作ろうかな?型紙も入ってます。市販の型紙をあまり使った事がないのですが折角頂いたのでこの機会に使ってみようと思います。と、その前に、かなりかなり前から作っていたワンピ&スプリングコートがやっと完成したので近々アップします。

One/One things with New Zealand Buzzy Bee bookmarker  

These things arrived from Tj who organized "One Cool Thing, One Strange Thing Swap" on her blog The Perfect Nose. I was so excited when I opened the package because I never knew what's in there. How lucky I am!! They are just fantastic! I especially love the fabric! Thank you so much, Tj. I will get started with this stuff as soon as my work settles:)
Before that, I just finished a dress & a spring coat that I was making between work. It took me almost two months!! I will post it soon.

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