Dec 7, 2012

Flared Knit Dress


Have you ever heard of horsehair braid? It's not horse's hair but must have something to do with it. Horsehair braid is used to give a crisp and stable finish to the hemline. It makes skirt width look wider as well. I used it for the first time and am satisfied with the finish pretty much. You may not see well because this wool knit is kinda heavy. As a full-skirt-lover, horsehair braid is gonna be my obsession!

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Nov 23, 2012

A Little Wedding Gift


What wedding gift would you prepare for your female friend? Are there general wedding gifts in your country? How about cash? It would be most wellcome and is a practice here. But don't you think that's too boring? What about an apron then? My friend is going to be a weekends wife. Yes, only weekends! I think she can look more like a wife, wife with the apron.

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Sep 13, 2012



I found a pretty shirt in the Mrs. Stylebook Magazine (summer 2012) and thought at the same time, I wanted to make it for my friend. She is a kind of person who likes to make someone feel happy with stuff she makes. She loves making bags and cooking. She sent me a tote bag the other day. That's so sweet of her! In gratitude for her I made this shirt with combination of Liberty. Hope she feels happy with it like I did :)

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Sep 7, 2012

バルーンスカートの製図 / Bubble Skirt Pattern Drafting



Bubble skirt pattern drafting is now available!
This pattern is based on the individual's. (me, of course)
For that reason, fitting is recommended if possible.
Click on the picture to the drafting page.

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Aug 27, 2012

I Heart Hearts



It's been more than three months since my last post. Lots of work or things were going on. But I'm back now! I'm so happy to have my new collection in my wardrobe!! Yay!

You maybe remember this heart fabric. This is left-over from heart dress I made last summer. I utilized the heart-shaped scallop for the hem with facing. Luckily, the scallop line (technically asymmetric) matched up very nicely on the both sides. For the bubble skirt, I picked grosgrain fabric (acrylic, nylon) which is rather bulky/stiff and shapable. That made the bubble skirt exactly what I imagined. I'm so in love with it! I think I'll make one or two more in different color for autumn/winter.
If you're interested in drafting this skirt, please be patient. I'll post how to draft before too long.

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May 14, 2012

インドシルクでアンサンブル / What Indian Silk Turned Out? ~ One Cool Thing, One Strange Thing Swap~

TJさんの企画"One Cool Thing, One Strange Thing Swap"(いわゆる物々交換)で私に届いた生地と型紙で作ったショートジャケットとワンピースのアンサンブルを作りました。遅くなってしまい焦ってましたがどうやら他のメンバーもゆっくりしている様子。型紙はマッコール(ヴィンテージ)、シンプリシティ(50's)、ヴォーグの三種類。セクシー系の服も着たい、と昔書いた記事をTJが覚えてたのでこの型紙をチョイスしたと言う。嬉しい話ですね~。しかしサイズを見るとどれもこれもデカイ。唯一近いサイズがマッコール。一番気に入っていたのでこれで作ることにしました。といっても殆ど直さなければならなかったので参考にしながら製図をし直しました。デザインはジャケット丈、ワンピの背中の開きと前の襟ぐりを少し変更。ジャケットの端は友布で紐を作り縁取りました。取り外し可能な袖風の肩リボンも作っちゃいました。


First of all, I thank TJ of The Perfect Nose who organized "One Cool Thing, One Strange Thing Swap". I also appreciate her effort to sort everything out. She sent me fabulous Indian silk fabric, three of cool patterns (Simplicity, McCalls and Vogue). Additionally, she sent me a virtual (she calls so :P) parcel too in which some of useful and cool scanned sewing books were contained. Thank you TJ, I will buy you dinner when you get lost and starving in Japan. Oh, she deserves more? I agree.


Belatedly this is a short jacket ensemble I have finally finished. I chose a McCalls one because I liked the outfit most and its size was luckily closest to my size. But I still had to deal with sizing and ended up re-drafting referring to the original. I made some changes to it. For the dress, I made the front neck line squire-ish and reduced open V-back to hide bra band. As for the jacket, I shortened jacket length and made neckline a little wider. I made a tie out of the fabric and put it onto the jacket edges adding tucks. I have done this before using grosgrain ribbon. Last of all, I made attachable shoulder bows like cap sleeves. Now I think that looks too girly...

TJ's strange thing has now turned cool things!

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Apr 30, 2012

春コートアンサンブル / Spring Coat Ensemble


Hello there! How's the weather up there? It's been very warm here, kinda hot in the daytime. Which means I will no longer have a chance to wear this coat and ended up waiting for next autumn. Oh well, it's okay, I made the flare skirt dress too. But I'm not happy with it. Do you see the slight wrinkles at the princess seams? This is a chemical stretch fabric and it stretches quite a lot. I think one side must have stretched when stitching because they weren't there when I fitted on. Besides all that, I shouldn't have picked this fabric for this seamed wear. 
My mom's who has decades of career in this field and often says that learning never ends at any age. Yes, that is so true.

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Apr 21, 2012

I got this! ~ One Cool Thing, One Strange Thing Swap~

"One Cool Thing, One Strange Thing Swap"とは”いい物、おかしな物の取り替えっこ”という意味でThe Perfect Noseというブログ(海外)のTjさんが企画したもので届いた物で作って発表するものです。面白そうなので私も参加しました。そして今日ポストを見ると届いてました!誰から何が送られてくるか知らされていないのでワクワクしながら包みを開けると・・・、何てラッキーなの!インドシルクがたっぷり。何作ろうかな?型紙も入ってます。市販の型紙をあまり使った事がないのですが折角頂いたのでこの機会に使ってみようと思います。と、その前に、かなりかなり前から作っていたワンピ&スプリングコートがやっと完成したので近々アップします。

One/One things with New Zealand Buzzy Bee bookmarker  

These things arrived from Tj who organized "One Cool Thing, One Strange Thing Swap" on her blog The Perfect Nose. I was so excited when I opened the package because I never knew what's in there. How lucky I am!! They are just fantastic! I especially love the fabric! Thank you so much, Tj. I will get started with this stuff as soon as my work settles:)
Before that, I just finished a dress & a spring coat that I was making between work. It took me almost two months!! I will post it soon.

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Mar 18, 2012

ヨークスカートの製図 / Yoke skirt pattern drafting

  • プリーツの入ったヨークスカート (原型使用)
  • マーメードラインのヨークスカート

I added pattern drafting of yoke skirt.
It's easy. Why don't you draft along the steps?
  • Pleated yoke skirt (Use of basic skirt pattern)
  • Gored yoke skirt

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Mar 10, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

I was passed on the Versatile Blogger Award a few days ago. I never knew about the award and looked on the internet what it was. If you receive a Versatile Blogger Award, you pass it on to 15 bloggers who you think deserve it. It seems like a chain-letter but I feel honored. There are some rules to follow.

  1. Thank the blogger who gave the award and link to the person. 
    I was nominated for the award by Ruth from SewRuth. Her passion for sewing is  evident in her work and also her blog is fun to read. Thank you, Ruth :)

  2. Add Versatile Blogger Award badge on your blog.

  3. List the rules.

  4. List 7 things about yourself.
    I have an identical twin sister. (But I believe we are two-eggs.)
    I like coffee mixed with Enlish tea. (with suger and milk)
    I'm a totally night person.
    I'm into Korean period TV series.
    I love chatting at cafe.
    I'd like to go fabric shopping to Italy one day.
    I wish I had more free time to learn things...

  5. Pass the award along to 15 dedicated blogs.
    (Humm..., I don't have so many bloggers to pass... or should I cheat?)
    Minori Design
    Mercury - Handmade Fashion
    Ms Stitch
    Sew In Love
    Sewing and so on
    The Perfect Nose
    Up Sew Late

  6. Let them know about the award.

Feb 27, 2012

絵画 / The Painting


I bought this painting the other day. It's sleek and smooth, of course this is not a real painting but a painting print silk satin fabric. This is a panel (65x65cm) and there are four in a piece. I've been thinking and thinking what to do with this for a couple of days. I'm tired of thinking too much. The thing is, a panel is too small. A very simple dress would be the best but also means micro mini. I'm ok with it but that might piss people off. Oh well, I'm in my late 30s. Then should I make four scarfs? nope. Use As a lining then? Humm. that's not too bad. But for now, I think I should put aside this.
My work doesn't seem to rush me this week so I will have plenty of free time . Yay!

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Feb 24, 2012

製図ページに”パターン操作”を追加 / Added "Pattern Manipulation" in drafting page


I added "Pattern Manipulation" in drafting page.
It shows how dart works. It's very basic. (novice revel)
Janglish is available!

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Feb 12, 2012

Pradaライクなレトロワンピ / Prada Inspired Retro Dress


Prada A/W collection 2011, that's what I had been wanting to add to my winter projects. Plaid, Fly-front (←correct name?), Low waist, Buttons,  I chose these keywords that I wanted to take in the outfit. I decided to go with plaid. On the other hand, I was working on a coat with this Angola wool. Wondering how come it turned into a dress? Well, the coat looked boring when trying on. But I'm satisfied with ending up this result and even think this is better than plaid. Say, "All's well that ends well".

Choosing matched buttons is important. I couldn't find nice ones in color or design, so that I got these buttons dyed in the end. I added darts around the sleeve hem to make puffy shape. This is my first try. I think the sleeves match well with the retro dress. This can also be worn as a coat.

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