Jul 31, 2011



Jul 20, 2011

花びら飾りのワンピース / Darling Petals Dress


Unlike yesterday noisy night, tonight is so calm, cooler and easy to spend. A big typhoon was about to hit last night but it strayed from here. Phew, that was close. OK, today, I'd like to show you this darling dress. This is cotton jacquard my sister gave me as left-over. Just take a look at the flowery motifs. I made lots of different size of petals with hand stitch and stitched them one by one. How lovely! This is gonna be one of my favorite dress for this summer!!

♥ Good night ♥

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Jul 6, 2011

One Day Sewing  - Floral Puffy Skirt -


This is the fabric I left the other day. For one day sewing, making a skirt is one of the best choice. Yeah, skirts are easy-to-make but you shouldn't skip basting if you want good one.
I did some works on this skirt to be able to keep puffy line. Here are some tips. First, Iron fusible interlining onto upper 1/3 of the skirt. Secondly, Tuck with lining cloth together. That's what I did. You just need to consider that the skirt gets thicker after.

♥ Take care ♥

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Jul 1, 2011

サイドギャザーのニットワンピ / Comfy Fit Daily Knit Dress


I fell for this cotton knit fabric at a glance. I do like the elegant flower print and expecially the purplish grey color. I'd been waiting to get started making since last winter. I used the same pattern with Side Pleated Dress (previous post) and finally made up this dress. I just made it with no collor and changed pleates to gathers, that's all. Real comfy fit!

♥ Nighty night ♥

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