Jun 28, 2011

ツーピースルック花柄ワンピ / Two-peice Look Floral Dress


Hi, there! I just finished this floral dress. The materials I used for this dress are linen for the body and cotton jacquard print for the skirt. Just take a look this squared flat sleeve, I could make it up very charming! It's acutally pretty easy to make. Make three of slight darts on one long side (outside) of the rectangle. It should be kind of fan-shaped that the both long sides have slightly curved lines. Just try if you are interested :)

♥ See you very soon ♥

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Jun 23, 2011

Junko Maeda Paris Collection A/W 2011-2012 in Nagoya


Knit designer Junko Maeda Paris Collection 2011-2012 review was held in Nagoya. A total of 64 items was presented. It was third time for me to see her collection but every time I see her amazing knitting work, I'm just so impressed. 

今年のはまだのようですが去年のコレクションはJUNKO MAEDAウェブサイトで見られます。ニット好きな方、チェックしてみては?

♥ Ciao~ ♥

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Jun 3, 2011

サイドプリーツのワンピース / Side Pleated Dress


Rainy season has just begun here in Japan. It's been chilly and wet lately because of that. The end of this season will be more than one month away. It's depressing... Oh well, I'm just happy when I am making my own clothes, of course not someone else's!

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