Nov 30, 2011

Missoni ニットワンピ + ボレロ / Missoni Knit Dress + Bolero


Hello readers! I'm happy to be able to post this Missoni dress cos I've been busy with my work and I'm always eager to make my clothes. So I quickly made this ensemble up. Do you see how much I added gather to this skirt? It's quite a lot. Cos the bottom width (f+b) is 220cm and this skirt doesn't even have side seams. The body and bolero is wool knit. This is the same fabric as Hand stitched knit suit I made before. Ok, I will get started next one soon. It will be with D&G, I think. Thank you for stopping by!

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Nov 10, 2011

ちっちゃな針山 / Mini Mini Pincushion


I got really cute pincushions from my mom's student in her sewing class! She made many of these for us and her classmates. A plastic bottle cap is used for the base, and Chilimen fabric is used for the cushion. (Chilimen is one of Japanese traditional fabric and often used for Kimono.) When I was taking pictures of these, a good (or maybe silly) idea came into my mind. The photo on the bottom, that is it! It's a pincushion ring! Funny? The part of the ring is just a elastic tape. I tired it on anyway but it didn't disturb hand work so much. I think it's useful. You want one?

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