Oct 29, 2011

秋冬生地 / Autumn/Winter Fabric


I'm always so excited about the fabric bargain sale called Sofia which is held once every six months. But this time it wasn't really what I had expected. Having said that, I got a terrific bargain on an Italy wool fabric. Amazingly, it's 95% off! Yay! And I bought hairy knit at a good price as well. Would I be satisfied with only two? Of course not! So I ended up buying some other regular priced fabrics I had eye on... Glitter jacquard, D&G animal print wool and Missoni wool knit, that's all I bought this time. Wow, I have many fabrics to make! I'm so eager to make but I've been very busy with my work lately... I want more hours in a day! Really..

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