Aug 26, 2011

ボックスプリーツワンピース / Box Pleat Dress


Hello, readers! I've got back in normal life from the holiday called Obon. Well, I didn't do much but I got one year older again!! Please, don't ask me how old I turned... So, what do you think of this cotton fabric? It was really cheap. I love bargain!! So I bought lots of this plain fabric to make a jacket too. I will make it some other time. Have you noticed the attachable collar? I like with collar more. you?

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Aug 10, 2011

CHANEL × ニットアンサンブル ~パターン 2~ / CHANEL × Knit Dress Ensemble ~Pattern 2~


I finished this dress ensemble pattern 2. Is this Chanel fabric? Yes, only for the piping! I know that this no longer looks Chanel but I didn't want to waste its leftover. As for me, I like this one more than previous pattern 1 which is very CHANEL. As I said, I have bought this black knit again. fabrics have begun piling lately. Are you a sewing person? Then, wouldn't you be like me?

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Aug 4, 2011

CHANEL × ニットアンサンブル ~パターン 1~ / CHANEL × Knit Dress Ensemble ~Pattern 1~


I got this glitter Chanel fabric from my mom a couple months ago and I had been thinking what to make. Then I bought this black cotton knit. This cotton is called supima. I looked into the internet what supima was. "Pima" is the name of a Native American tribe and they first time tested the growth of the cotton seeds. "su" is short for "superior".  Yes, supima is the finest cotton!  Did you know that? Anyway, I got this knit, and Chanel... then decided to make this ensemble. I really really like this cotton. I think I should buy more!

♥ Have a good day ♥

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