Nov 17, 2010

フラットカラーのタータンチェックワンピ / Flat Collar Tartan Dress

フラットカラーのタイトワンピ完成♪ 柄物の場合、柄合わせをするのですが特に格子の場合は袖の柄合わせもします。縞が合ってるとやっぱり見栄えもいいですよね。完成して思ったけど、ちょっと地味かなぁ?

You may have thought if I wear sexy clothes. Not much actually, but that doesn't  mean I don't want to. I just don't have many chances to put on..  There is an interesting story. I have some sexy clothes I often wore when I was in America. Now I live in my country, Japan. I feel uncomfortable if I put those clothes on here. The feeling is more like inappropriate. That sounds so weird but it's ture. I think Japanese adult women tend to care too much about how old you are and what should wear for your age... I'm not sure if it's a good side of Japanese culture or not but that is sad if it makes you give up clothes you really want to wear...

♥ See you next ♥

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Nov 12, 2010

ハンドステッチのニットスーツ / Knit Suit with Hand Stitch



It's been two months since the last post! There was an incident with my family But I'm back now :)

This is a new item in my closet. Black wool knit suit with hand stitch. I did the stitches with my own hand! Of course it's kinda tiring work but I could be satisfied when it's done. The round double collar shapes like a flower so I chose these rosy buttons. I appried flap pockets on this skirt. Otherwise it would look too boring..


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