Sep 14, 2010

巻きスカートパイピングワンピ / Wrap Skirt Dress with Piping


I just finished this Indian silk dress using the same pattern as the wrap skirt I made last time. I do like Indian silk very much. The gloss, the colors and especially the texture. In fact, the color is a little deeper than this and doesn't bother to me. For the piping and the belt, I used mat silk shantan.
It's still a little too hot to wear it on here but  I hope I will be in this dress in a few weeks :) Can't wait!

にほんブログ村へ 人気ブログランキングへ
↑ 応援もよろしくね

Sep 8, 2010

やっと・・・ / Finally...

6月にオーダーしたJUNKO MAEDAのスカートがやっと、やっと出来上がりました。1ヶ月で出来る予定がどういう訳か3ヶ月も待って、と言うより待ち過ぎてすっかり忘れていた頃に完成の連絡。あぁ~、そうだったそうだった。そして思い出したそのお値段・・・
試着してみたらやっぱ可愛い♪ お店に同行した妹も生地違いの同じデザインのものを思わずオーダー。やっぱ双子だわね(笑)


I've finally recieved the skirt from JUNKO MAEDA that I ordered  in June. I completely forgot about it... I was supposed to get it one month later, but somehow I ended up waiting for almost 3 months. My feelings were kinda mixed when the shop called me. so happy to have the skirt, but also I thought of the payment right away...ouch! Even though it's expensive, I think women need this kind of reward once in a blue moon;) Don't you think?

にほんブログ村へ 人気ブログランキングへ
↑ 応援もよろしくね