Dec 9, 2010

花のモチーフ ダブルスーツ / Flowered Double-Breasted Suit

花の刺繍に花のモチーフが縫い付けられたとても素敵な生地を発見!ダブルスーツが完成しましよ~。素材はポリ。色は真っ黒と地味だけどゴージャスな花の刺繍とモチーフで華やかさUP↑ あまり作らなかったヘチマカラーもこうして見ると悪くない。大人になったもんだなぁ・・・。

I found this gorgeous and lovely fabric the other day. It's embroidered, and lots of flower motifs on it. I needed to buy a plain black fabric for the jacket I imagined. Luckily, I could find very similar one, and no one would notice the difference :-p

♥ Good night! ♥

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Nov 17, 2010

フラットカラーのタータンチェックワンピ / Flat Collar Tartan Dress

フラットカラーのタイトワンピ完成♪ 柄物の場合、柄合わせをするのですが特に格子の場合は袖の柄合わせもします。縞が合ってるとやっぱり見栄えもいいですよね。完成して思ったけど、ちょっと地味かなぁ?

You may have thought if I wear sexy clothes. Not much actually, but that doesn't  mean I don't want to. I just don't have many chances to put on..  There is an interesting story. I have some sexy clothes I often wore when I was in America. Now I live in my country, Japan. I feel uncomfortable if I put those clothes on here. The feeling is more like inappropriate. That sounds so weird but it's ture. I think Japanese adult women tend to care too much about how old you are and what should wear for your age... I'm not sure if it's a good side of Japanese culture or not but that is sad if it makes you give up clothes you really want to wear...

♥ See you next ♥

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Nov 12, 2010

ハンドステッチのニットスーツ / Knit Suit with Hand Stitch



It's been two months since the last post! There was an incident with my family But I'm back now :)

This is a new item in my closet. Black wool knit suit with hand stitch. I did the stitches with my own hand! Of course it's kinda tiring work but I could be satisfied when it's done. The round double collar shapes like a flower so I chose these rosy buttons. I appried flap pockets on this skirt. Otherwise it would look too boring..


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Sep 14, 2010

巻きスカートパイピングワンピ / Wrap Skirt Dress with Piping


I just finished this Indian silk dress using the same pattern as the wrap skirt I made last time. I do like Indian silk very much. The gloss, the colors and especially the texture. In fact, the color is a little deeper than this and doesn't bother to me. For the piping and the belt, I used mat silk shantan.
It's still a little too hot to wear it on here but  I hope I will be in this dress in a few weeks :) Can't wait!

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↑ 応援もよろしくね

Sep 8, 2010

やっと・・・ / Finally...

6月にオーダーしたJUNKO MAEDAのスカートがやっと、やっと出来上がりました。1ヶ月で出来る予定がどういう訳か3ヶ月も待って、と言うより待ち過ぎてすっかり忘れていた頃に完成の連絡。あぁ~、そうだったそうだった。そして思い出したそのお値段・・・
試着してみたらやっぱ可愛い♪ お店に同行した妹も生地違いの同じデザインのものを思わずオーダー。やっぱ双子だわね(笑)


I've finally recieved the skirt from JUNKO MAEDA that I ordered  in June. I completely forgot about it... I was supposed to get it one month later, but somehow I ended up waiting for almost 3 months. My feelings were kinda mixed when the shop called me. so happy to have the skirt, but also I thought of the payment right away...ouch! Even though it's expensive, I think women need this kind of reward once in a blue moon;) Don't you think?

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Aug 29, 2010

巻きギャザースカート / Gathered Wrap Skirt


My sister gave me this unique two-layered fabric. The black is cut along the embroidery and makes something like flower petals. I could make this cocoon type of gathered wrap skirt somehow even though the fabric was her leftover and I didn't have many choices what to make. Done well!

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Aug 27, 2010

貰っちゃった♪ ハンドメイドミニトートバッグ 





♥ See you very soon ♥

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Jul 25, 2010

ギンガム x タータンチェック スカラップワンピ / Check dress, Gingham & Tartan in One


Italy silk check dress scalloped neckline to front edge. The point is the combination of two different kinds of check patterns. I now think that separates can be more interesting... Humm, maybe I should make them with the left over :)

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Jul 15, 2010

可愛いすぎ!イチゴのピンクッション & ニードルケース

私が読んでるクラフトデザイナーTheresiaさんのブログMinori DesignにてEtsy(ハンドメイドショッピングサイト)出店4周年を記念してピンクッションとニードルケースをプレゼントするそうです。


♥ Good luck to you ♥

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Jul 11, 2010

フレンチスリーブのリボン付きトップ / French sleeve ribboned top


As a matter of fact, this kind of loose tops isn't really my tast. It's sometime good to try something different, isn't it? But... would I really put this on? I made a hole at the hem to be able to use a long cord just in case :p

♥ Bye bye♥

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Jul 1, 2010

リバティー ギャザースカート  / Liberty gathered skirt


Liberty of London twill, Bozenka.
This is similar to the Liberty box skirt. This one is using elastic at the waist. Very comfortable to wear.
I've stared selling my clothes on an auction site for fun. I only can do this when I have time. Hope it goes well  :)


♥ Sweet dream ♥

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リバティー ボックススカート / Liberty box skirt

国産リバティータナローンTy Mawrです。

Japanese Liberty tana lawn, Ty Mawr.
I prefer Japanese ones. Softer and silky to the touch compared to London's.
This is actually a wide waist box skirt. Tie the corde ribbon at the waist then it looks like a gathered skirt as well.


♥ See you in a minute ♥

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ヘム切り替えのタックスカート / Border trim tacked skirt


This is a tacked skirt used with cotton satin. I put many tacks on it so that it looks more feminine. Don't you think? 

♥ See you very soon ♥

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